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Sweet cares to enjoy without moderation, mesmerizing massages to dream, targeted cures to meet everyone's needs.

Well-being to regenerate mind and body : A vous de choisir la formule qui vous enchantera.

Our wet care


Formerly called "Moorish bath", the hammam is an aromatic steam bath with eucalyptus essences. Often combined with a traditional scrub, this treatment brings relaxation and purifies the skin through the elimination of dead cells and toxins.

Hydromassage bath

Rich in algae serum, it enriches the body with mineral salts and trace elements, it has a sedative effect allowing a mental and physical relaxation, allows a drainage of edema and an increased elimination of engorgements (cellulite).

Algae wrap

Algae contain minerals and vitamins necessary for life, used in local or general applications, they allow the penetration of remineralising elements through the tissues. This treatment is ideal for combating rheumatic pains, eliminates toxins and promotes thinning.

Marine mud wrap

100% natural mud from the Dead Sea with an exceptional mineral content (in particular Calcium and Magnesium) makes this wrap a multi-action treatment: a slimming precursor, natural anti-stress, post-exercise recovery. Cellulite dimpling is smoothed, tense joints and muscle pain are eased and the body is completely replenished in minerals.

Chocolate wrap - Cocoa therapy

Application of a paste consisting of a mixture of cocoa and moisturizer with essential oils. This paste will be applied all over the body, from the feet to the shoulders. The client is then wrapped in plastic wrap to promote penetration of the product and the client is covered with a blanket. Relaxes, moisturizes, stimulates the central nervous system and tones.


Cold wrap based on algae that applies to the legs.
Cryotherapy has a firming, circulatory and remineralizing effect

Shower with affusion

Massage performed by one or two hydrotherapists under a fine rain of sea water. It helps to soothe and erase muscle contractures.

Jet shower

Remote massage through the use of a powerful jet. It stimulates circulation, gives tone, relaxes and acts against cellulite.

Underwater shower

Care done in a bathtub with a manual jet massaging the whole body following the venous return. it has a relaxing, draining and relaxing effect.

Biomarin course

Swimming pool with heated seawater and equipped with nozzles, geysers, gooseneck, and jacuzzi. This treatment remineralizes the body, stimulates the circulation and tones the muscles.


Bathtub alternating hot and cold jets of water facilitating the venous return. Allows you to find a feeling of lighter legs!

The marine ball

Device allowing a specific care of the painful hands and stiffnesses which makes them work actively in a solution of marine mud. This care is very indicated in carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, skin disorders.

Our massages

Massages are indispensable and complementary to hydrotherapy treatments. We use different techniques according to the needs of our guests. They reactivate the blood circulation, help with their toning effect on the skin and the muscles in the elimination of the toxins, regulate the digestive disorders and make it possible to balance the nervous system by acting either as sedatives or as stimulants.
The benefits of massage are accentuated with the aromatic and therapeutic virtues of the oils we use.

Anti-stress massage

Full body massage with a relaxing and soothing oil chosen by our guests such as jasmine, lavender or rose. This massage brings relaxation and well being.

Ayurvedic massage

Slipped massage of Indian origin with warm sesame oil that contains natural antioxidants, minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, calcium, silicic acid .. This massage relaxes, improves sleep, increases vitality and eliminates toxins.

Shiatsu massage

Japanese massage based on the theory of energy meridians that run through the body. It stimulates the circulation of vital energy and fights against general fatigue. This massage allows to harmonize all over the body energy accumulated in excess.

Foot reflexology

Chinese massage that stimulates the reflex points located on the soles of the feet corresponding to the different organs and parts of the body. This massage allows the body to relax and release tension.

Sports massage

Tonic massage with rosemary oil that relaxes the tendons and release the joints. This treatment prepares and softens the muscle Before the physical effort, relaxes and accelerates the elimination of toxins After the training.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Massage based on rolling palpate which aims to refine and firm the skin, this treatment improves blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins and promotes cell exchanges.

Therapeutic massage

Massage performed by a physiotherapist based on diagnosis and medical indication.

Mandara massage

Indian massage with jasmine scented oils. Performed by two persons involving the forearms, elbows, thumbs and palms of the hand. He uses techniques of shiatsu massage and Ayurvedic massage. This treatment releases tension and rebalances the energy of the body.

Lymphatic drainage

Massage of the lymphatic network by slow, gentle and successive pressures intended to activate the circulation of the lymph. This treatment eliminates water retentions and toxins. It is often indicated post-operatively in cosmetic surgery, for circulatory problems and in the anti-cellulite treatment.

Shirodara massage

Massage from the traditional medicine of India, applied by the flow of a warm oil flow on the forehead. The Shirodara treatment relaxes deeply and brings to a state of spiritual and body balance. Indicated especially for migraines.

Back special massage

Rehabilitation of the back by stretching, exercises and massages using an anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream. This care is provided by physiotherapists and is particularly indicated for back pain caused by: osteoarthritis, vertebral compression, operated or unoperated disc herniation, sciatica, ankylosing spondylitis, scoliosis or pregnancy.

Our specific care


Mechanical lymphatic drainage using inflatable boots. A system of sequential pressure, allows to revive the lymphatic circulation, thereby eliminate toxins and resorb water retention (edema).


Application at the level of the legs, a bandage impregnated with a lotion containing menthol, camphor and marine extracts which gives a sensation of freshness and stimulates the venous return by the effect of vasoconstriction.
This hypothermic wrap both slimming and firming, stimulates circulation, relieves heavy legs and reduces edema.

Cleopatra bath

This bath enriched with honey, milk, essential oils, dried rose petals, orange leaves ..., has an extraordinary moisturizing and nourishing power and provides a real relaxation for the body and mind.

Underwater relaxation

Relaxation method performed in a pool with heated seawater. The curist is cradled in the course of the water following specific movements. This treatment has a sedative, relaxing and anxiolytic effect.

Marine rehabilitation of the back

Rehabilitation exercises in seawater pool allowing correction of body postures and muscle strengthening.

Stone Therapy

After a manual massage with heated oil, hot stones and volcanic pebbles are placed on different points of the body to treat muscle tension and pain.

Bamboo massage

Body massage with lukewarm oil and bamboos, using gentle, firm and vibrant pressures, thus distributing energy in the body. The bamboo massage varies from relaxing to tonic, restructures the body, redesigns it, embellishes it, and leaves a wonderful feeling of lightness.

Ayurvedic facial treatment

According to Eastern philosophy, this royal treatment of the face aims to reveal the inner beauty so that it spreads brilliantly outside. It relaxes the muscles, stimulates the microcirculation and the flow of the lymph, improves the maintenance of the hydration, promotes the regeneration of the skin, thus keeping it healthy and young. This treatment is based on exquisite flavors of spices for all skin types: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

Our beauty treatments

Our thalassotherapy centers offer a wide range of thalgo treatments, the undisputed reference in the world of marine beauty.
Face care: moisturizing, balancing, anti-wrinkle, soothing and soothing, anti-acne, anti-aging and firmness as well as body care: Slimming and firming are provided to our spa guests according to their needs.

  • Our treatments
    • Slimming massage
    • Varnish application
    • Hydromassage bath with cinnamon and orange crystals
    • French manucure
    • Waxing: package: ½ leg + swimsuit + armpit
    • Thai massage
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Sauna or Hammam
  • Balneo
    • Special Cure Back (4 DAYS)
    • Marine beauty treatment (4 DAYS)
    • Cure Light Legs (4 DAYS)
    • Cure Well Being (3 DAYS)
    • Cure Olympe (4 DAYS)
    • Female Silhouette (6 DAYS)
    • Ayurvedic cure (4 DAYS)
    • Well Being Cure (4 DAYS)
  • Thalasso
    • Ayurvedic cure
    • Eastern cure
    • Marine detox treatment
    • Olympe cure
    • Cure light legs
    • Special Cure back
    • Marine serenity cure
    • Therapeutic treatment
  • Rituals
    • Indian ritual
    • Ritual of Cleopatra
    • Ritual duo
    • Tea Time ritual
    • Sea ritual
    • Traditional ceremonial at Hammam

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